Rear Bumper Diffuser with Exhaust Muffler Tips suitable for Mercedes C-Class W205 S205 Sport Line (2014-2020) C43 Design Night Package



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IntroThis Rear Bumper Valance Diffuser is made to give the aggressive and sporty looking to your Mercedes C-class W205.Suitable forMercedes C-Class W205 Saloon / Sedan (2014-2020) AMG Sport Line / C43 / C63 AMG, Mercedes C-Class S205 Estate SW (2014-2020) AMG Sport Line / C43 / C63 AMGNot suitable forMercedes C-Class W205 S205 (2014-2019) standard edition / Avantgarde, Mercedes C-Class C205 A205 Coupe Cabrio, Mercedes C-Class with towing system, , * All Diesel Bluetec models with ADBLUE will require modification of one tailpipe to fit as the Adblue tank resides behind the tailpipe.DescriptionRear Bumper Air Diffuser C43 Design, Rear Bumper Air Diffuser crafted in high quality PP (polypropylene) the attachments accessories made of ABS plastic., Rear Bumper Air Diffuser equipped with double outlets for twin muffler tips and PDC holes, Finish: Piano Black, , Exhaust Muffler Tips, Exhaust Muffler Tips made of high quality stainless steel. , Finish: High-gloss blackFitting and Installation* All Diesel Bluetec models with ADBLUE will require modification of one tailpipe to fit as the Adblue tank resides behind the tailpipe., , IMPORTANT!, In order to properly mount the rear diffuser and to prevent the deterioration please keep in mind that the final pipe must enter into the air diffusers tips. The flow of the gas should not go down it must exit thru the air diffuser exhaust tips., , Fitting instructions not included., Installation in an authorized car service is highly recommended!Package ContainsRear Bumper Valance Diffuser, One set of Exhaust Muffler TipsPackage dimensionsLength: 145 cm, Width: 30 cm, Height: 19 cm, Weight: 7 kgCertificatesProduct without E-mark/ABE/TUV., These are high quality aftermarket parts.

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